At a shop that sells wedding rings, a jeweler (Burt Lancaster) witnesses both the birth of new love and the trials that long-married couples encounter. Therese (Olivia Hussey), who has had a lasting friendship with a young man, is guided into a loving marriage by the jeweler. Meanwhile, Stephane (Ben Cross) and his wife of many years are on the brink of divorce -- but, when they venture into the jewelry shop to pawn their wedding rings, they get compelling advice from an unexpected source.


This beautiful story of marriage is based on a play written by Pope St. John Paul II. It’s a beautiful reminder of how our actions affect those around us.



Loyalty to keep promises


Unselfish intentions and actions


Confident reliance on God or others


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FORMED: The Jeweller's Shop Book and Film

Excerpt - "Pope St. John Paul II is known as a great theologian, philosopher, and pastor. However, he was not only a great thinker but was also a man in tune with the arts, as demonstrated by his poetry and his work as a playwright." His play and the film based on it are a rich reflection of the holiness of the union of a man and woman in marriage. Read More

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Decent Films Review: The Jeweller's Shop

Excerpt from the article: "In 1960, then-Archbishop Wojtyla published two very different works on a topic close to the heart of his thought. The first was: Love and Responsibility, his great treatise on love and personhood. The other was: The Jeweler’s Shop, a three-act play published under a pseudonym in a Polish periodical." This play is the source of the film of the same name. Read More

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First Things: The Jeweller's Shop - John Paul II and the Joy of Holiness

This article gives insight and deeper understanding into the play "The Jeweller's Shop" and the film that was produced based on it. Read More

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