TobyMac: The whole record is about life and the things that I've experienced the last three years. I have to live some life to write a record, and I have to experience the ups and downs, the trenches, the achievements, the hard times, and the good times to write songs. I don't make songs up. They come from the grit and beauty of life. So, I think The Elements, it's about what comes against who I set my mind and my heart to be every day. It's the scars that come with life, the things that we face, race relations, the times that our friends break our hearts or the times that we break theirs. All of these things that come against us trying to be the person we want to be, trying to be the person we feel called to be, the husband I want to be, the father I want to be, the friend that I want to be. It feels like everything's working against that. It feels like the whole world's telling me to think about myself when I'm called to think about others.


Toby Mac has such a powerful positive vibe in his music...even in this album that deals with the rough edges of life



Spiritual staying power and stamina


Constancy and dedication


Unwavering endurance


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