This friendly and fun song captures the feeling of endearment in a new relationship...with someone you just can't stop thinking about. In a good way. Singer-songwriter Nick Fabian is the perfect combination of Saturday night at the club bliss and Sunday morning reflection. The young and promising artist throws it back to when the music mattered, while keeping it fresh with invigorating soul-pop hooks. It’s an irresistible modern vintage aesthetic. . The Dallas, Texas born and raised artist grew up in a house of professional classical musicians. As a child, rather than hire babysitters for gig nights, Nick’s parents just brought him to their performances with the Dallas Symphony. He came away from this upbringing with a firm grounding in music theory, and eclectic taste. Nick has emerged a prodigiously talented singer, songwriter, pianist, producer and arranger. He draws inspiration from Motown, soul, modern and classic pop, and classic hip-hop.


Upbeat song with a positive vibe!



Thankfulness & Appreciation


Internal gladness despite difficulty


Loyalty to keep promises


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