In 18th century Holy Roman Empire, a series of events will turn an ordinary day into an extraordinary experience for a woman whose life will never be the same. Enter into the drama of an untimely pregnancy that yielded a profound impact on life and culture around the world.


This short film is a surprising story of the impact of one life, and the choice of a mother to overcome tremendous trials to choose life for her pre-born child. Tremendous film to spark life-affirming conversations with high school teens in school and in the home.



Acting upon good & resolute beliefs, despite danger


Constancy and dedication


Spiritual staying power and stamina


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The Stream: Interview with Jason Jones

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ProLife Crescendo

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ProLife Film Could Impact Millions

This review gives the context of the impact of the film when it was first released. It gives a glimpse of the International awards Crescendo received that include: Accolade Competition 2012 Bahamas International Film Festival 2012 Bearfest - Big Bear Lake International Film Festival 2012 Dances With Films 2012 Heartland Film Festival 2011 Hollywood Film Festival 2012 Playhouse West Film Festival 2012 Rochester International Film Festival 2012 San Antonio Film Festival 2012 San Luis Obispo International Film Festival 2012 Urbanworld Film Festival 2013 Read More

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